Covid-19 Testing for Business

Wren Laboratories can now offer Covid-19 Testing for businesses across the USA.

Wren's Covid-19 Testing Solution Offers: Ease-of-Use, Accurate, Affordable as well as a quick Turn-around from Sample Collection to Reporting!

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A Convenient, Painless, and Accurate, Covid-19 test that can be done from Anywhere:

FDA (EUA approved) Saliva-based, Molecular/PCR,
@99.9% accuracy.
Designed for Home, School, or Business use, no medical supervision required.
A self-administered, 2-3 minutes to complete.
A Convenient, Simple, and Painless Test.
Special stabilizer fluid inactivates the Covid-19 virus and facilitates 100% preservation of the RNA for accurate measurement.
Results are provided within 24 hours of receiving returned Saliva Sample-Kits at our CLIA Lab facility.

Testing and Passporting System (Our TAPs Software Suite)

An Employer Software to include employees, set testing schedule intervals and monitor results.
An app that allows Employees to take a test at Home (or Anywhere) and see their individual results
All patient data is anonymized so that sensitive data is not exposed to malicious attack
A centralized view for HR to mitigate Covid-19 risks at the Office.

Covid-19 Testing-as-a-Service

No problem, we can augment your Covid-19 Program Team

Our staff will support your Covid-19 Program Team and administer the entire testing program for your organization.

Program included:
Adding/removing Employees from Testing Frequency of testing Shipping Kits to Employees Reporting results to HR (Green ([negative], Yellow [late in testing], Red [positive]).

Adjusting the program as conditions evolve and on-going meetings with HR and internal Covid-19 program team.

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